Mobile Telephone Forensics

Mobile telephone, hex dump, SIM card and SatNav forensics

mobile telephone forensicsTechnological advances have created mobile communication devices and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), such as the iPhone and Blackberry, capable of making voice calls as well as browsing the Internet and accessing email. Whilst telephones devices can hold only a relatively small amount of data when compared to desktop computers, the results of mobile telephone forensics examinations can be extremely revealing.

Memory modules and data storage areas where digital evidence can be retrieved by a mobile telephone forensics expert – evidence that prove an important part of a criminal or civil prosecution. Text messages that have long been deleted may be recovered, providing a revealing look at intentions and actions. Billing records for both mobiles and landlines provide detail on acquaintances and relationships. Cell Site Analysis can allow the physical movement of a handset to be plotted – illustrating where a suspect may have moved to and from over a period of time. Mobile telephone forensics evaluations of mobile devices can reveal a wealth of material of value to investigators and legal specialists.

SIM card and mobile telephone forensic examinations

Mobile Telephone Forensics – our laboratories are equipped to securely conduct mobile telephone forensics assessments – to clone, extract and preserve digital evidence from all commercial brands of mobile telephones, PDAs, and handheld devices. Information that can be retrieved includes:

  • Identity and serial numbers for the handset and/or SIM card
  • Serial numbers of SIM modules recently used within the handset device
  • Last numbers dialled, received and missed – including those that have been deleted
  • Remote recording of voice and mail from digital answer phones, fixed lines and mobile telephones (cell phones) in accordance with current legislation
  • List of stored directories and phonebook contacts
  • Websites accessed and online searches performed
  • Bluetooth settings and recently ‘paired’ devices
  • SMS (Short Messaging Service) Inbox, Outbox, Drafts and Sent text messages
  • Data recovery studies to retrieve deleted or erased material (e.g. messages)
  • References to telecommunication networks that can and cannot be utilised
  • Codes relating to recently used telecommunication masts
  • Images and photographs sent and received via Multimedia Messaging (MMS)

All mobile devices are built differently and require special techniques to ensure mobile telephone forensics assessments conducted are done so in a forensically sound manner and that the information extracted will endure the scrutiny of a court of law.

Mobile Telephone Forensics

Recover deleted text messages, photographs, produce court ready evidence exhibits

Our analysts contribute to a number of leading working groups as well as undertaking constant mobile telephone forensics research, to ensure our approaches to handling mobile evidence remain in touch with Best Practice. Telecommunication analysts at Afentis Forensics have access to the very latest in electronic evidence tools and techniques – including the world’s most advanced Cell Site Analysis investigation system; engineered exclusively in-house and utilised by investigators and police forces around the world.

The findings of all mobile telephone forensics examinations are conducted in compliance with Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines.  The results of mobile telephone forensics evaluations are documented in comprehensive Expert Reports and supported by certified and experienced Expert Witnesses that can deliver clear testimony in either civil or criminal court proceedings.


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