Data Recovery

Laptop & desktop hard drives, remomvable media and multi-disk RAID arrays

data recoveryData loss or corruption can be crippling to both businesses and lawful investigations. Our data recovery analysts have extensive experience in recovering and salvaging lost data from disaster stricken hard drives, RAID Arrays, laptops, e-mail servers, ipods, USB memory sticks, and storage media of every brand, manufacturer, model and data storage capacity.

On mobile telephones, iPhones and Blackberry devices, we can perform data recovery to retrieve lost photographs, deleted text messages, and business documents.

When a former employee leaves without un-protecting their files or crucial evidence is believed to be held on devices that are password protected, our analysts have the expertise to crack the security mechanisms. Such assessments can be undertaken covertly to assist internal corporate investigations to uncover fraud or misuse of company assets.

Over the years we have seen and successfully tackled just about every type of data recovery catastrophe; from accidental deletion, hard drive re-formatting, hardware crash, water/moisture damage, electrical surges/outages, virus attack, fire, equipment malfunction and even vandalism.

Data Recovery by experienced forensic experts

Data RecoveryUsing state-of-the-art tools and innovative forensic techniques, we have a proven track record in data recovery – reconstructing erased digital data from all types of storage devices; from complex RAID arrays to camera pictures. Data recovery and digital forensic analysts at Afentis Forensics have access to the very latest in electronic evidence tools and techniques – including customised solutions developed exclusively in-house and utilised by investigators and police forces around the world.

If your organisation has suffered data loss or crucial digital evidence has been corrupted; talk to our friendly analysts in confidence to see how we can help.


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