Court Presentation

A picture tells a thousand words… Animations and digital presentations can help convey complex evidence to a lay jury, providing understanding and insight to ensure evidence is brought to life!

In its simplest form, we can take volumes of case papers, reports and witness statements and reproduce into a fully indexed and easily searchable DVD.

Where expert evidence is crucial, we work closely with subject matter specialists and the instructed counsel to turn a report into a powerful but easy to follow 3D digital presentation.

Imagine a lengthy and complex motoring incident report that details how the weather, road surface, and specific mechanical failures all contributed to a serious accident. Now imagine turning that into a short thirty second court presentation video sequence that graphically, but faithfully, illustrates the very same findings. In murder or wrongful death proceedings, we can produce three dimensional images of the victim; allowing viewers to see the effects of injuries on internal organs.

evidence brought to life in Court Presentations by an Expert Witness

Our analysts can attend voir-dire and preliminary hearings to ensure that any forensic animation product can be considered by the judge and admitted into evidence. Whether employed in the civil or criminal court, we can provide full presentation facilities – including high definition monitors and audio equipment that can be easily setup and removed. Jurors benefit from videos and court presentation that are immersive and interactive; allowing them to fast forward, rewind, replay, or zoom in on key actions.

We pride ourselves on providing innovative and creative solutions to complex challenges. Talk to us today to see how we can leverage technology to help you present a winning case through court presentation.


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