Forensic Expert Witness

Certified Analysts & Court Experienced Expert Witnesses

forensic expert witnessA forensic expert witness should exemplify two qualities: 1) the capacity to understand specialist facts, issues and techniques, and 2) the ability to explain these in a straight-forward yet compelling manner. Analysts from Afentis Forensics excel in both qualities.

Our forensic expert witness personnel are industry spceialists. Best Practice and forensic capabilities continues to evolve at pace and as such our experts undertake regular training and professional development to ensure that we stay abreast of new investigation techniques, emerging trends, and relevant case law from the courts.

Our forensic expert witness opinions are balanced, thorough, clear and easy to understand – in a word, they are persuasive. Whether a matter is privately funded or supported via Legal Aid, we handle cross-examination in court with poise because we understand the issues and we have the experience and expertise to backup what we say.

Forensic Expert Witness Reports and Testimony

Our personnel are specialists drawn from a range of industries. Forensic expert witness personnel experienced in computer forensics, e-Discovery / Litigation support, telecommunications and mobile device examinations, Cell Site Analysis (CSA), DNA profiling, drugs/chemical analysis, firearms and gunshot residue studies, handwriting assessments, and fingerprint examinations.

We understand how to turn complex exhibits into evidence that can withstand the scrutiny of a court of law. With our extensive experience in the criminal and civil arena, we understand the legal process and we appreciate what legal teams need. At the same time, we fiercely protect our credibility, which is good for the case of the clients whose solicitors instruct us. We are not afraid to tell the client and their advocates/barristers where their case is weak, unsupported, or simply lacking in merit. However, where there is merit and good cause in a client’s case, we can deliver a riveting and convincing forensic expert witness opinion that allows the court and jury to make the right decision with confidence.

The synergy between our incisive expert opinions and the lawyers’ legal strategies typically results in larger and speedier settlements, as well as more favourable resolutions and judgments in trial situations.

impartial court experienced forensic expert witness analysts to lead complex investigations

Our experts lecture extensively on investigative techniques and evidence analysis. In addition, we play an active role in cutting edge research and provide input to a variety of leading Government Working Groups and industry forums.

In addition to education and experience, our forensic expert witness consultants hold certifications from leading vendors and training providers, a badge to our customers that our services are Best in Class and that our clients can rest assured that they are receiving access to genuine expertise.

Forensic expert witness analysts at Afentis Forensics have access to the very latest in analytical tools and techniques – including the world’s most advanced Cell Site Analysis investigation system; engineered exclusively in-house, as well as unique e-Crime software which has been developed by our teams and used by police forces around the world.

As Law Society / Sweet & Maxwell, Academy of Experts (AoE), Expert Witness Institute (EWI) registered and approved forensic expert witness personnel, our investigations and expert reports are regulated and the depth of expertise assured through experience.


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