e-Discovery, Digital Investigations & Litigation Support

Electronic Discovery, sometimes referred to as e-Disclosure, is the process of identifying and preserving documents germane to either litigation. With computer systems and electronic communications central to the modern workplace, most relevant materials will be available in electronic form.

Analysts at AFENTIS FORENSICS have considerable experience in managing the most complex of e-Discovery instructions – ranging from reconstructing erased email correspondence from a number of disparate servers, to identifying a handful of international transactions buried amongst millions of records.

e-Discovery & Litigation Support – Our analysts are happy to help in the drafting of production e-Discovery / e-Discolosure orders or attending court hearings to ensure that judge can benefit from early expert insight into capabilities and the means by which any subsequent assessment can remain balanced and targeted. All investigations are conducted in strict compliance with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines, the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) part 31, and the Police Criminal Evidence Act (1984).

reduce cost and eliminate complexity with an eDiscovery Expert Witness

e-Discovery / e-Disclosure analysts at Afentis Forensics have access to the very latest in electronic evidence tools and techniques – including customised solutions developed exclusively in-house and utilised by investigators and police forces around the world.

We assist clients by narrowing the issues, and focussing e-Discovery investigations so that Best Evidence can be secured swiftly, cost effectively, and with minimal impact to business processes. Relevant electronically stored information (ESI) can then be expertly assessed and preliminary findings made available to the client and separate experts (e.g. forensic accountants) for further study. Expert reports can then be produced to clearly demonstrate the provenance of documents and ensure they are in a form admissible for court or tribunal proceedings.


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